Health & Safety Measures

All imported fresh fruits are accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate issued by an authorized officer of the Plant Quarantine Service of the country of origin.

This certificate guarantees that all fresh fruits we import are from areas free from fruit flies of Genus Anastrepha, Ceratitis, Rhagoletis, Bactrocera jarvisi, Bactrocera musae, Bactrocera neohumeralis, Bactrocera papayae, Bactrocera philippinensis and Bactrocera tryoni as verified by an official survey and transferred to the ship in a manner to preclude infestation en route.

These fruits are cooled below 0.0C (32 F) for 14 consecutive days prior to loading. All fruits transported to Sri Lanka by sea freight under cold storage at a temperature of 0.0C to -2.2C (32F - 36F) are securely packed in card board boxes and unloaded under the supervision of a Quarantine Officer.